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wbcl_logoblack_copyThe World's Best Cat Litterâ„¢ Story

We humans have a long history with cats. But the history of cat litter is relatively short. Clay litter was introduced in 1947; but it didn't clump. In the 1980s, clumping clay litter was introduced. But we asked ourselves, "Is that the best humans can do?" So we set out to develop the all-around best solution for dealing with cat waste. And we believe we found the answer in the naturally absorbing properties of whole-kernel corn.

The result of our efforts is that World's Best Cat Litterâ„¢, has a patented formula that harnesses the super-absorbent power of whole-kernel corn, and offers:
  • outstanding odor control
  • quick clumping & easy scooping
  • long lasting performance
  • a pet, people & planet friendly solution