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Doo-N-Go Refill Bags - Flushable
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Doo-N-Go Refill Bags - Flushable

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Doo-n-Go Refill Bags - Flushable (Medium)

Are you an Eco-Warrior? Try new Doo-N-Go Flushable Bags!

  • Flushable bags in medium size (8" x 12") in white colour come in 30 bag (3 rolls) and 60 bag (6 rolls) packages
¨ Won't clog landfills or impact the environment

¨ Fits most bag dispensers

¨ Our rolls are designed to let you have the option to either unravel the roll from the outside or pull from the inside.

Last Updated: Wednesday, 23 January 2019 22:12