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Nature's Botanical Hemo Cleans
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Nature's Botanical Hemo Cleans

( Nature's Botanical Pet )

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The herbs in this blend may help reduce tumour growth, purify blood, and eliminate destroyed tissue. Helps strengthen the innate defence mechanisms of the body. A helpful addition to any treatment of cancer and a long term rejuvnating care.

Good for treating cancers, cysts, tumours, blood cleanser, arthritic problems, and degenerative diseases.

Tincture extract contains 6% alcohol. Please note that this product does not contain any preservative. Refrigerate after opening.

Suggested dose - to be taken twice daily. One drop for every 2lb of body weight, up to 50lb. Thereafter, add one drop for every additional 4lb.

Burdock, Sheep's sorrel, Slippery elm, Turkey rhubarb.

Last Updated: Thursday, 24 January 2019 11:44