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Spraying Flower Essence

Does your cat keep spraying the same spot on the couch? Spraying Flower Essence can help with your training. 
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Stress & A'Drenal Plex Herbal Extract

Stress & Adrenal Plex helps restore adrenal glands and build up body's response to stress. 
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Super C 2000

Natural Vitamin C, buffered with Calcium for superior assimilation. Helps the immune system, skin and tissue repair and great for the joints and keep the urinary tract clean. 
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Viral D'Tox Herbal Extract

Viral D'Tox promotes strong anti-viral and anti-bacterial activity and immune enhancing properties. 
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Vita-C Bio Rose

This is a food source Vitamin C supplement with Rosehips and Lemon Bioflavonoids. 
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Yucca Intensive Herbal Extract

Yucca Intensive contains saponins and this is a natural steroid. Helps reduce pain, itch and inflammation. 
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