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Auto Zip Line

The Kurgo Auto Zip Line is the easiest and most convenient safety harness and restraint system for your dog. 
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Backseat Barrier

The Backseat Barrier keeps everyone safe by creating a strong wall between the front and back seats of the car. 
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Backseat Bridge

With a few simple attachments, this padded bridge connects between seats to extend Fido’s spot, providing the extra comfortable space that they need to have a happy ride. 
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Bandana - Reflect & Protect

Our cute reflective dog bandana is made of bright, lightweight ripstop with a flashing LED light strip. 
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Baxter Pack

Get Fido packed up and ready to go with this lightweight, tough, custom-fit Baxter Pack. 
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Bench Seat Cover

Kurgo's Bench Seat Cover will keep your seats clean and dry even with the dirtiest of dogs. 
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Car Door Guard

Dirty, furry paws can do some serious damage to your vehicle’s interior, especially your car doors. Now you never have to worry again. 
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Cargo Cape

We all worry about protecting our car seats, but what about the cargo area of our vehicle? Kurgo has designed a unique Cargo Cape. 
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The Kurgo Collaps-a-bowl is a clever dog travel bowl designed for dogs and owners on the go. 
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CoPilot Seat Cover

The Kurgo CoPilot Seat Cover is the perfect vehicle accessory to keep your car seats in show room condition. 
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First Aid Kit

If you own a pet, you should also own a basic First Aid Kit in case of emergencies. 
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Harness - Enhanced Strength

This enhanced strength harness includes a seat belt tether. 
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Harness - Quick Release

A great everyday dog walking harness with plastic quick-release buckles that make it quick to get on and off. 
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Quantum Leash

This is one leash that no active dog owner should go without! The Kurgo Quantum goes from a 6 foot long lead to a shoulder or waist leash, to a double dog walker. 
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Seatbelt Tether

Simply click-and-go with this easy to use dog seatbelt tether to prevent distracted driving. 
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Skipping Stones

Bring some excitement to your game by replacing your slimy ball with these floating skipping stones. 
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Skybox Booster Seat

The Kurgo Skybox Booster Seat offers mini-fido a clear view of the road ahead and a comfortable, secure padded seat. 
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Swivel Tether

This is our strongest tether system, featuring a carabiner used by arborists. 
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Treat Bag

Treat Bag has handy key pocket and drawstring closure. 
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Up & About Dog Lifter

Provide extra support for a pet that is having trouble with daily activities like going up the stairs or getting into the car. 
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Results 1 - 20 of 24
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