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Dog Discuit

Designed for superior flight, our Flashflight LED Dog Discuit is a soft-touch plastic flying disc made specifically for nighttime play with your disc-loving dog. 
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DoohicKey Hair & Lint Remover

Love to hug your dog or cat? Love your favorite sweater? Well now you can hug your best friend and keep your best sweater fur-free. 
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DoohicKey Pet Tool

A multi tool designed for pet's needs on the trail or at the park - with a bonus bottle opener for the owner. 
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Glowstreak LED Ball

Dogs don't get tired just because the sun goes down, that's why this LED ball lights up the night for endless hours of play with your best four-legged buds. 
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Nite Dawg LED Collar

Put our Nite Dawg LED light-up dog collar on Fido and you will never wonder where, oh where, your little (or medium, or big) dog has gone. And neither will anyone else. 
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Nite Dawg LED Collar Cover

With the bright, flexible Nite Dawg LED Collar Cover, you'll never have to wonder where, oh where, your little (or medium, or big) dog has gone again. And neither will anyone else. 
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Nite Dawg LED Collar XS

Our extra-small Nite Dawg LED Light-Up Dog Collar is a bright way to keep your pint-sized pal safe and seen, even in the darkest night. 
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Nite Dawg LED Leash

Illuminated by a super-efficient LED, our Nite Dawg Leash turns your walk in the dark into a (safe and visible) walk in the park. 
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Nite Dawg Soft LED Disc

The NiteIze Nite Dawg Disc is soft to the touch, easy to catch, and, with its battery-powered LED, it provides hours of after dark fun for you and your four-legged buddy. 
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NiteHowl LED Safety Necklace

With this ring around the Rover, you and everyone else will be able to see exactly where he is in the dark, from any angle and up to 1000 feet away. 
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The Nite Ize Pack-A-Poo: because it shouldn't stink to be a good citizen. 
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PetLit LED Collar Light

The NiteIze PetLit LED Collar Light is a battery-powered LED that you can clip securely to your pet's collar. 
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S-Biner TagLock

With our S-Biner TagLock, no matter how much your pet runs, rolls, jumps, or fetches, his or her ID tag will always "Stay!" 
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With our L.E.D. SpokeLit on your bicycle wheel, you’ll be clearly visible on your nighttime spins, in a very cool way. 
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A beacon for your Beagle, a lantern for your Lab, a signal for your Scottie. Our SpotLit is all that and a bag of chips. 
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